It's been a labour of love (plus some sweat and perhaps a few tears) but we are excited to announce the new-look Prospector website has arrived!

The Prospector platform packs a punch when it comes to its innovative new features. More than ever Prospector enables you to approach a prospect with a compelling media, marketing or b2b sales solution before spend has been locked down. It gives you a double advantage of being first out of the starting blocks, as well as having third party agency and direct contacts at your fingertips: all increasing your chances of landing the sale.

Prospector is Australia's must-have sales prospecting tool. It is the leading solution for the sales professional that wants to grow revenue and those looking to sell a range of advertising, marketing and b2b solutions.

Since 2001 Prospector has generated over $1 billion in incremental sales for our Media Sales and agency and b2b clients in Australia.

Prospector provides you with a valid reason to engage a prospect at a time when they will be considering upcoming corporate, advertising and marketing spend.

Each sales opportunity is handpicked by Prospector's research team and includes a list of senior decision makers, agency contacts and upcoming company information - everything you need to make a timely and informed approach.

Prospector will fuel your new business engine

  • Spend more time winning new business and less time looking for it

  • More prospects, more opportunities and more revenue

  • Significant productivity savings

  • Agency and marketing contacts at your fingertips

  • Motivate & inspire your sales team


“In our game information is key... It’s timing, it’s the right conversation with the right people... The ability to have at your fingertips, a database of pertinent information that as a marketing team we can apply… and to be able to tell our story when that audience is in a receptive frame of mind, well IRD is uniquely placed to deliver that for us.”

Peter Horgan, CEO, Omnicom Group, ANZ


“We write business on an almost daily basis, based on the leads provided by IRD... I’ve seen many pieces of business that we wouldn’t have been aware of, that we’ve turned into revenue for our company, based purely on the notifications we’ve received from IRD.”

Tim Rose, Sales Director, APN Outdoor


“When I started Shopper Media, IRD Prospector was the first recurring cost to our business. This speaks volumes in that I consider Prospector as the most important part of business...
I don't think there is an acceptable reason that you’re not using IRD Prospector if you’re a sales person.
You’re either hungry or you’re not...
There are no big surprises that our top three sales performers are our top three IRD Prospector users.
I was going to bring our top sales rep today (for the interview) but she’s out selling, thanks to IRD Prospector.”

Ben Walker, Founder & CEO, Shopper Media Group


“The way to sell now is to be ahead of the brief…sales team’s need to be engaging, influencing & lobbying earlier… this is the advantage that Prospector gives me.”

Richard Holliman, National Sales Manager, New Scientist


“JCDecaux has been utilising the services of Prospector for number of years and found the information to be most useful & beneficial. The ability of Prospector to source industry information and provide us with valuable insight into brands and companies has helped our sales team, prepare, plan and win business. Using Prospector genuinely saves us time and they are constantly looking for ways to improve their services.”

Bill Athanassiou, Sales Director for JCDecaux Australia


“This simple, effective addition to our sales process has given us the one thing we don't have a lot of in the newspaper business - time! After less than one year, Prospector has paid for itself for many years to come and has truly become an integral part of prospecting.”

Stephen Humphrey, Business Director, Sales and Marketing for Fairfax Metro Media


“I have been a big supporter of Prospector from its launch and find it to be an exceptional tool for my sales team. We use Prospector on a daily basis for a range of activities . The team find it most helpful in finding which agency (and contact within the agency) book the media for various clients and then tailoring MRN proposals to meet new client product launches and initiatives. As a manager Prospector is a valuable tool in planning sales strategies 6 months in advance through the search options Prospector provides.”

Paul Bowd, Agency Sales Manager for Macquarie Radio Network


“Prospector is a great tool that can save time and develop a more effective sales team, but I think the standout is the people behind the business they ensure it is being used to capacity and are very proactive in ensuring leads are being accessed.”

Daryl Mitchell, National Sales Director for Southern Cross Austereo