Prospector insights don’t just provide useful information about a company and who to contact, but also give you a valid reason to make contact with the company and approach them with a relevant and informed proposal.

Prospector Insights highlight the following activities:

Corporate Growth Events: Australian Debuts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Floatation, Openings, Distributor Moves, Financial Results, Expansion & General Company News.

Marketing & Product Activity: Product Launch & Activity, Upcoming and future campaigns, Account Moves, Reviews and Agency News, Sponsorship.

People Moves: Senior level decision maker appointments and vacancies.

Subscribers can search and retrieve historical, current and future information in a host of different ways ensuring they are extremely well informed and knowledgeable.

Accelerate your prospecting success with this collection of resources and guides.

Finding the Right Service Provider

Prospector acts as a facilitator and portal for businesses in need of business and marketing support.

By communicating upcoming and potential requirements businesses can utilise Prospector as vehicle for requesting relevant service provider submissions and proposals.

The more information and details provided to Prospector about potential needs will result in more appropriate and relevant responses from potential service provider partners.